The Soundtrack

I believe music has the biggest affect on mood and tone in time-based multi-media like videogames, film, and installation.  The music in Ritual of the Moon is really extremely beautiful. I've been listening to it for almost 5 years now and I still am so moved by it. It made by the wonderful composers Maggie McLean and Halina Heron. I had collaborated with Halina before on Cyclothymia. and Maggie on Techno Tarot, both of which I've been told my players that they leave open the app just to listen to the music. I think Ritual of the Moon will be just the same! Luckily Halina and Maggie have put up the OST! So instead of having to leave the app open all the time, you can actually download the music and listen how you'd like! 

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3 days until release. 

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