Pre-Ritual Sale

In celebration of Ritual of the Moon coming out in 1 week, I've put all my for-sale games on sale at 28% off! That's Techno Tarot (on desktop), Cyclothymia, Cyber Sext Adventure, Parts to Remember, and the earth is a better person than me. 

Techno Tarot is a robot who gives you a tarot reading. All the digital cards are true to the rider-waite deck, with some genders and skin colours changed, and the meanings of the cards are the same, but cyber-ized. 

Cyclothymia is in a way a pre-curser to Ritual of the Moon. (In a way, they're all pre-cursers to Ritual of the Moon...). It's a narrative that begins with connecting starts and ends with a woman having feelings in her bedroom. 

Cyber Sext Adventure is a game where you sext with a bot. Enough said. 

Parts to Remember is an interactive found footage film about bodily memory. 

I've written about the earth is a better person than me before in these #RitualoftheMoonReflections. It's my most recent game about a woman who finds she can talk to the earth around her - and have sex with it. 

So take the week and enjoy these pieces!

7 days until release. 

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